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Mission Statement

Fostering the personal growth of participants through meaningful experiences in music education and vocal performance.

Vision Statement

The Singing Co. of LaPorte envisions a future where excellence in choral music is supported in the community – inclusive of diverse, cultural and economic backgrounds.


The Singing Co. of LaPorte will engage participants in meaningful experiences of high-quality music education and performance opportunities, and maintain a strong, collaborative presence within the education and music communities throughout the area. As a recognized leader in music education, The Singing Co. of LaPorte will nurture and inspire all participants by fostering their character through music. Singers establish a lifelong relationship with music of varied genres, cultural origins, and world language through their participation in The Singing Co. of LaPorte. Participants not only gain experience in music education and vocal performance, they are also exposed to an environment that encourages self-confidence, commitment, and compassion. As an organization, The Singing Co. of LaPorte pursues innovative partnerships with members of the arts community who contribute valuable works to the field of music education, engage diverse audiences, and provide singers with memorable performance experiences. The Singing Co. of LaPorte strives to maintain relationships with local institutions that facilitate multi-faceted learning opportunities, and allow our singers to explore and practice music with knowledge and rigor.






















Matthew Nelson

Musical Director

Susan Rosselli


Board of Directors

Danielle Lavin-Loucks


Nate Loucks

Vice President

Yolanda Davis


Jen Milo


Jenni Alexander

Beth Hoeppner

Rick Jones

Rachele Spencer

Jon Rinkel

Jeff Weston

Matthew Nelson

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The Singing Company


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102 G Street

LaPorte, IN 46350

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