Penny War Procedures

➔ What? A fun way to raise money

➔ Why? To give back to the community . . . money raised will be donated to Bethany Church's LaPark Playground project

➔ When? Every Tuesday during the month of February

➔ How?
◦ Bring change and dollar bills each week
◦ Place PENNIES and DOLLAR BILLS into your team's container that has been provided
◦ Place silver coins into the other team's container

➔ Scoring?
◦ Each penny in your team's container counts as 1 positive point for your team
◦ Each bill in your team's container counts as 100 points (regardless of its denomination)
◦ Each silver coin counts as NEGATIVE points for the other team (therefore is used to sabotage the opponent's progress). In other words, dropping a quarter
into the opponent's container takes 25 points away from their total

➔ The money will be counted each week and standings announced through social media

➔ The team with THE MOST POINTS at the end of the month gets bragging rights!

Adding points
1 penny = 1 point
Any bill = 100 points
Subtracting points
1 nickel = -5 points
1 dime = -10 points
1 quarter = -25 points

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